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Why do women become the largest consumer group of adult products?

The rise of online shopping allows people to develop diversified daily consumption patterns and buy their favorite products without leaving home. Online shopping is not only time-saving, but also convenient, and another point is good confidentiality. These advantages allow products that already involve people’s privacy offline to flourish online.

So what kind of products are not good offline, but are so popular online? Yes, it is the adult products industry. With the development of society, people realize the importance of adult products, and there are more and more female consumers. Why is this? Let’s analyze it together.

1. Development of adult products

my country may be the first country to appear adults. During the Han Dynasty, copper articles were used for harems and emperors. During the past 1970s, adult products have had a resurgence. At that time, there were abundant products and many categories, but they did not develop due to the discrimination of the people at that time.

In the 1980s, with the change of people’s ideas, many companies were optimistic about this industry and began to put into production. Later in the 90s, people went to offline adult stores to buy. It can be said that the change of Chinese people’s concept of human nature has promoted the development of adult products. When did online shopping emerge?

In March 1998, the first online shopping was successful. In 1999, in Shanghai, Beijing, government network, online education, etc. and enter the practical stage. From 2000 to 2009, online shopping entered a stable period of development. After 2010, online shopping has entered a state of rapid development.

The online adult products market has been growing since 2016. In 2019, the market size of adult products was 46.1 billion yuan, and the market size in 2020 was 62.5 billion yuan. Now people’s views on adult products are more objective,

In the adult product market, most consumers choose online shopping, accounting for more than 70% of consumption. Due to the good confidentiality of online shopping, merchants can answer consumers through online communication, which is loved by consumers.

Relevant data shows that most consumers buy adult products once every three months, some consumers buy once a month, and the number of searches at night is the most. Single consumers make the most purchases, with more than 50% buying at least once a month, and married consumers making three-month or once-a-year purchases.

Consumers of different ages have demand for adult products, but most of them are male consumers, accounting for more than 68% of consumption, and more than 10% of male consumers over 45 years old. With money, there are more and more female consumers.

2. Female consumers

With the emphasis on “sex” education, my country has also begun to popularize science in recent years, and major media have also reported and popularized it. Most young people have a correct understanding of this issue. In fact, physiological needs are a necessary process for everyone to grow. this is normal phenomenon. There is no need to run away or be embarrassed. It is also important to address physiological needs through scientific methods.

The increase in female consumers in the adult product market also shows that their safety awareness has improved a lot. Knowing how to protect yourself better, condoms can effectively prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, which is also a manifestation of both parties.

At the same time, with the economic growth of “her” in our country, many women’s career achievements are no worse than men’s. They also have huge pressures as men. They seek ways to reduce stress. Women also have physical needs, and adult products with confidential lines have become the first choice for female consumers.

Women are transformed from “fertility tools” to independent new women. They have the right to decide their own way of life, the right to choose to be married or single. Relevant data shows that the data of single women in my country is on the rise, and the proportion of single women in first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen is the highest.

They enjoy the achievements brought by their careers, but they also have physiological needs, so some women choose to use adult products to solve them. This also shows that women know what they need and how to do it. Therefore, women’s consumption in the adult product market has increased in the adult product market. is increased.

3. Conclusion

From the previous avoidance to the present, people can face it calmly, which shows that correct sex education is very important. It can give people a new understanding of adult products. The market atmosphere of adult products allows consumers to buy high-quality products. At the same time, more and more female consumers also show that the inclusiveness of society is getting better and better, which is also a trend of social progress.