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What are the best Anal Dildos & Toys to use?

Fall is the perfect time to experience new things. If you’ve been curious to try anal sex toys, what are you waiting for? For starters, the anus is a treasure trove of elicited nerve endings and receptors. It also houses the prostate and is parallel to the g-spot. So no matter what kind of body you have, a proper anal sex toy, vibrator, or dildo can create some serious toe curling that can even lead to anal orgasm.

Whether you’re playing alone or with your partner, anal experts agree that zero-to-penetration is a big no-no. The key is to start with anal beads, butt plugs, or anal dildo. Take your time and use lube. Plenty of lube!

Finally, for anal toys and vaginal toys, hygiene is very important. The best anal dildos and butt plugs are made from body-safe, non-porous materials. Think about it: Silicone anal dildos, glass dildos, and stainless steel anal sex toys are all easy to clean and sanitize. In addition to a good anal lube, you’ll also want to consider getting some anal toy cleaners and cleaning supplies for your butt.

single anal toy

Want to explore wandering games but not sure where to start? From anal dildos and vibrators to butt plugs and prostate massagers, there are many options when shopping for anal toys. To make the experience easier so you can quickly enjoy amazing butt games, we’ve rounded up some of the best anal dildos and anal sex toys to take your solo backdoor fun to the next level this fall.

anal lube

Unlike the rest of the body, the anus cannot make its own water. That’s why anal lube is a must for any kind of anal play. Not only will your hips be more comfortable to play with, but a good lube will also help prevent friction from tearing and damaging this delicate membrane. While there are plenty of anal lubes to choose from, general water-based or silicone lubes also provide the necessary glide and glide. To prevent damage to your favorite anal toy, make sure not to use silicone lube on silicone toys.

anal beads

If you want to ease into anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. A progressive series of beads, each slightly larger than the next, are designed to gently stretch the anal opening and reach all the amazing nerve endings in the booty. Start small and work your way up to bigger beads and deeper fun. The anal beads come with a round handle, designed for taste control.

Butt plug

An ass plug is basically plugging your asshole – in the best way possible. The use of a butt plug helps stimulate all the amazing nerve endings in the buttocks. Gay men and those designated male at birth can also use a butt plug to achieve prostate orgasm. An anal plug is also a fun and useful tool that stretches the anus and prepares you for something bigger, be it bigger toys, dicks or punches. Do you have anal? There is a butt plug for you. There are many options to choose from, from tapered butt plugs that are perfect for beginners to wider models with more insertable lengths for those with anal experience – including stainless steel plugs and butt plugs with cock rings.

Vibration plug

Looking for the extra thrill of a butt plug? Add more good vibes to your life with a vibrating butt plug. From jewelled vibrating butt plugs and double penetration vibrators to prostate massagers, there are many vibrating products designed to shock your mind from behind.

anal training kit

Not sure which size plug is right for you? An anal training pack may be just what you need. Anal training kits often include some butt plugs of different sizes so that you can gradually increase the size while experimenting with different sensations.

Silicone dildo with horn base

Are you ready for anal dildo? A silicone dildo with a small base is a must. First, silicone is a human-safe material. It’s also very durable and easy to clean. The key is to make sure your silicone dildo has a flared base (like all anal toys!) The flared base makes the silicone dildo strap compatible. In some cases, the base includes suction cups for hands-free use. Best of all, the flared base prevents your anal toy from getting lost in the anus, causing potential injury (yes, that’s one thing). Your anus is connected to your rectum, which is part of your large intestine. So in theory a toy without a horn base could get into your gut – you definitely don’t want it to be there somewhere!

Beginner Anal Dildo

Good things take time and patience! If you want to explore the wonderful world of anal play, but are still trying to use big guns, you might want to consider a novice anal dildo, like Doc Johnsons Crystal Jelly Anal Starter. These mini realistic dildos are flexible, bendable, have a flared base, and are designed with a short insertable length to prevent too deep insertion. Novices can relax and focus on what’s important: enjoying all the unique feelings and fun that hip games can bring.

glass dildo

If you are looking for versatile and safe anal toy, glass dildo is a great choice! Not only do they look beautiful, but in terms of cleanliness, glass is the most important must-have feature of any anal toy. You can easily clean glass dildos with warm soapy water or a toy cleaner. It can also be boiled, bleached, or put in the dishwasher! Additionally, glass artificial males come in many shapes and sizes and are ideal for anal, prostate or g-spot stimulation.

double penetration anal toy

Want an anal sex toy that also provides g-spot stimulation? Meet your new best friend: Double Penetration Toys. Double penetration anal toys are designed to be inserted into both anus and vagina for the ultimate plumping experience. Double penetration toys come in many styles, from realistic dildos to bunny vibrators and everything in between. If you’re looking for a dildo for beginners, you probably don’t want to start with a double penetration anal toy. Having said that, those who are more experienced in anal pleasure will enjoy the fullness of being penetrated by two holes. prostate massager

If you’re a heterosexual male or were designated male at birth, you have a prostate—a small, muscular gland that produces semen in semen. Massage this little miracle of the back door can feel great and can even lead to a prostate orgasm. If you’re ready to get started, consider purchasing a prostate massager. A prostate massager is similar to a vibrating butt plug, but it has a unique shape, usually with a slightly curved tip, to provide targeted prostate or P-spot stimulation. Depending on the prostate massager you choose, some also include additional features such as swivel functionality, smartphone pairing, and remote control for a hands-free experience.

Stainless Steel Prostate Probe

Looking for a super versatile anal toy? You can’t go wrong with a stainless steel prostate probe or prostate massager. These spherical headed curved anal dildos are ideal for exploring anal play and P-spot stimulation. The stainless steel prostate massager also doubles as a vaginal g-spot stimulation tool! Stainless Steel – The magic is that it is non-porous and super easy to clean and sanitize 3354. It’s also very temperature-tolerant, which means it’s cold at first, and then quickly warms your body for a delicious feel. Craving some warm gaming? Put your stainless steel toy in the refrigerator or submerge it in warm water for a few minutes and experience new fun in the hips.

cock ring plug

Like a two-in-one transaction? If you’re the type of person who keeps messing around with keys, you’re likely to get kicked out with your ass stuffed with dicks. The cock ring plug hugs the ball and provides a lot of erectile strength, stamina and support, while the tapered butt plug stimulates your most sensitive areas.

Anal cleaning kit

If you want to give birth at the back door, you will need to use an anal cleaning kit or anal douche to keep it clean. Let’s face it, our wanderers aren’t always new. Adding anal stimulants or enemas to your anal activities can help you feel clean, confident, and relaxed. – Getting hip pleasure is essential!