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How to use a masturbator? How much is a masturbator?

Masturbation or talking is taboo and rarely enters the discussion. However, things have changed. Sex toys and quilts are out of fashion these days. You’ll find them in magazines, TV shows, and almost every social network. They no longer say sex toys are for the desperate or the lonely. Here’s everything you need to know about quilts.


The happiness of women is another thing that many people ignore. But times have changed, and the discussion about female orgasm and sexual enjoyment has changed in a positive way, which has traditionally been associated with men. This article will discuss everything you need to know about quilts, from their definitions to how to use them. Let’s read on to find out more.

What is a masturbator?

A pacifier is a sex toy that complements and evokes the user’s erotic body parts. We have male and female masturbators. Take a look below.

Common features of quilts

For starters, comfort gear refers to any type, form, or size of anthropomorphic adult sex toy, similar to the genital anatomy of a sexual partner. Comfort devices can include your partner’s body parts, such as the penis, anus, mouth or vagina. Thanks to advances in technology, manufacturers are creating vibrating quilts designed to enhance sexual stimulation.

There are many variations in quality, material, skin tone, size of quilts for men or women. Some are surreal, some are elaborate asses, mouths and vaginas. Still, if you want to get started with quilts, here are some common features to keep in mind.

The quilt has a delicate and real 3D structure, and it is usually filled with meat.

Some, such as the Fleshlight vagina, have realistic labia, giving people a real feeling.

They are made of soft super skin or TPE material, which can simulate the real touch of human skin.

Comfortable devices like the Pocket Cat are carefully packaged in the perfect portable size for easy portability and enjoyment anywhere.

How do couples use the quilt?

Comfort equipment has a simple standard of use. Regardless of the type and material, it is important to start slowly and gently, ensure adequate lubrication, and stay away from shock. Some quilts require adequate care and maintenance to last a long time and retain their texture and quality. In terms of use, whether it is a single or two-player game, it is important to be in the mood, find the ideal position, and apply a lot of compatible lubricants before penetration. Lubrication is very important, as explained by Angel (2022). Furthermore, Wilson et al. (2017) explain that lubricants are used to wet the genitals during reproductive sex.

While all quilts can be couples stuff if you’re both creative, some of them are especially good for companion play. Mostly designed to simulate the p-spot, attachments like the paloqueth vibrator can be inserted into the vagina while stimulating the g-spot, clitoris, and penis. Insert vibrators and bunnies into the sex game to give your girlfriend even more indulgence. Penis rappers can easily be mistaken for flashlights and are ideal for providing intense penile stimulation. Types of Male Masturbators

There are different types of male masturbators, so it’s hard to categorize them. According to their function, purpose and shape, they can be divided into the following types.


The light of lust is one of the main ways men masturbate. The textured type has hollow and narrow channels with textured designs. There are bumps and bulges inside, which are used to stimulate the penis when slid in. Most sleeves are made of plastic and can be worn like a condom.


The difference between texture and realistic flesh light lies in consecration. Realistic toys are designed to mimic the mouth, anus and vagina. As mentioned, each sleeve has an entry hole that simulates an actual body part.


These are not meat lamps, but have openings to penetrate the penis. You can get dolls with different holes all over the body, including anus, oral cavity, and vagina. The other is mainly body parts. It may be a complete buttock area with buttock holes and vaginal features, or it may be isolated.


Some flashes are easier to use because they have built-in vibrators to stimulate. You can only slide in and wait for a miracle.

Types of Female Masturbators


Due to its versatility, dildos are a common female sex toy. They are mainly used for internal massage and penetration. Some are anatomically designed to mimic a real penis, while others are non-anatomical. You’ll find them in all shapes, textures and sizes. Some are curved to reach the g-spot. In addition, we have anal dildos for stimulating nerve endings in the buttocks.

female vibrator

In general, sex toys can help you orgasm, as described by Quilliam (2007). Vibrator is a general term for toys that stimulate erogenous parts by vibration. Female vibrators may be internal, sensitizing the g-spot, while external vibrators stimulate the clitoris. Some types like rabbit vibrators serve both internal and external functions.

clitoral massager

Research shows that most women can orgasm by stimulating their clitoris. In this case, a clitoral massager works best. An example is a stick vibrator, which can be used for solo or cooperative sex.

Butt plug

Both sexes use this sex toy for thrill-seeking in the backdoor game. It could be during cooperative play or masturbation. Others use it to fix anorectal drama.

nipple clips

Most sex toy users ignore the nipples during intercourse. The clip is rarely used because most people associate it with pain rather than pleasure. They suppress blood flow by squeezing the nipple. It works great after clipping, bringing a combination of sensations and endorphins. If you are a beginner, look for the adjustable one for the best first experience.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Quilt


The size of the quilt is reduced according to preference. Some people prefer small dildos and sleeves, while others need medium or large ones. Your level of experience may largely determine your choice. Material

Hakara Mustak (2017) explains that when purchasing sex products, the type of material should always be prioritized. Most sleeves are mainly made of silicone and TPE. Silicone is good because it is durable and non-porous. This means it’s easy to clean and doesn’t store dust and bacteria.


If you are buying toys for the first time, don’t buy expensive ones. You may not be sure if a toy is right for you. It’s a waste to spend a lot of money on things that end up in the trash later. So, start small and gradually upgrade to luxury.


Attentive toys are great, especially if you live with your family. Find toys with fuzzy lids that give you zero clue what you’re holding. When shopping online, please make sure that the manufacturer does not disclose the label when packing.

How to use the quilt?

Using a masturbation device may seem easy, but it may take you enough time to find an amazing feeling. Let’s take a look at the following points to help experience heavier and better orgasms.

Please read the manual carefully.

With great enthusiasm, looking at the toy manual can help optimize your comfort setup.

Examine each part of the sex toys.

Your comfort device may need to be set up before use. This is why you should check all parts to make sure they are in proper working order. The area to be fastened should be perfect to avoid any accident during use.

Create a romantic atmosphere

If you want to get the best results from your device, you should create a romantic setting. Tune in to quiet cute music, dim the lights, and be romantic with your partner to get you started.

Apply lubrication

Lubrication is critical, especially when using automatic tools. Lubricate your toys and penis or vagina before engaging in sexual play. Lubricate regularly to avoid irritating your sweet spot, which can often ruin a beautiful moment.

Focus on play and enjoyment.

Don’t let distractions cloud your mind during such a precious time. Use gadgets that allow you to relax and release tension.


Toys can be infected with bacteria and germs. Therefore, cleaning before and after each use is crucial. Go back to the manual for tips on cleaning toys.

The best sex lubricant

Are you new to the broad sex lubricant industry? Unlike other retail products, finding the right lube can be tricky. For starters, people tend to look for ingredient lists before buying. This is because common lubricant additives such as glycols and parabens are known to cause infections or allergic reactions.


However, to potentially avoid irritation, experts recommend using less and less of the processing ingredients of sex lubricants. Since most buyers are too lazy to research the ingredients, water-based lube is more recommended as it is a versatile option that can be paired with silicone sex toys and latex condoms.

On the other hand, natural vegetable cellulose is added to lubricants such as Sliquid Sassy to give it an ultra-thick consistency. This makes it durable and perfect for anal play. To keep slippery while using the quilt, water-based lubes are recommended because of their versatility. Safety precautions when using the quilt

Apply lubricant to avoid unnecessary friction, remember to penetrate lightly.

If there are scratches, please apply TPE glue to the affected area to seal.

For TPE and TPR quilts, avoid heavy blows or excessive pressure, as these materials are porous and cannot withstand extreme pressure.

For quilts made of silicone, please wash them with antibacterial soap.

Frequently asked questions about comfort equipment

Is the quilt safe?

Yes, the manufacturers of these sex products are usually certified and use high quality, physically secure and medical grade materials to keep them safe when using them in your most private places.

What is the quilt made of?

The quilt is made of rubber, TPE or silicone. These materials are often designated as allergy-free, medical grade, and make these sex products feel alive.

Are you allergic to anything?

In some ways, yes. The high-quality quilt is made of safe TPE material, which is soft, non-toxic, elastic, smooth and tasteless. However, make sure you stay away from brands that use additives like parabens and ethylene glycol, as these two substances have been linked to allergic reactions and even infections as described by Farber et al (2010).

Do you have a realistic comforter?

Yes, the real part of the quilt describes the feel of the materials that provide an authentic experience. For example, realistic silicone feels like the real thing. The inner texture of the comfort device is granular, multi-layered and often spiral, providing intense pleasure with each insertion.

How loud is the quilt? Can I use them in public?

Privacy is a real concern for most people when it comes to sex or masturbation. Whether you’re trying to avoid the prying eyes of your parents, partner, or roommate, some forms of masturbation can be embarrassing in public. Because of this privacy, the brand makes discreetly sized and silent quilts that can help you keep your habits private.

How to clean the quilt?

Warm water is most effective when cleaning quilts. However, soap should be avoided as it can corrode the sleeves. A small amount of isopropyl alcohol will certainly do the job.

Can frequent masturbation cause penis desensitization?

No, it’s not. This is a myth and must be debunked. As long as you can ejaculate (which is your body’s response to sexual stimulation), the only barrier between you and ejaculation is psychological. According to bjrkman Persson (2020), excessive masturbation in men can lead to prostatitis (i.e. inflammation of the prostate gland). However, this does not affect your penis sensitivity, whether it is manual stimulation or vaginal intercourse.

How often should I use the quilt?

The latest data on masturbation frequency is provided by the National Survey of Health and Behavior (NSSHB). The agency conducts online surveys anonymously to increase the likelihood of authentic feedback. The only conclusion that can be drawn from their data is that masturbation is more or less psychological, and you can’t determine what the ideal frequency of masturbation is. However, 18- to 35-year-olds masturbate more frequently than other age groups. Can I use my masturbator with my partner?

Yes, you can share your quilt. However, cleaning should be a priority. According to Wang et al. (2012), sharing sex toys can lead to infection. Therefore, Wood et al. (2017) explain that cleaning toys is important.

Can I masturbate?

The term “masturbation addiction” is fairly modern and refers to an individual’s tendency to masturbate excessively or forcefully. So far, there’s been some debate as to whether anyone actually gets addicted to masturbation. While some are pushing for its medical acceptance, others say there is no known clinical diagnosis linking someone to masturbation addiction, so it should be considered a compulsion.