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There are a lot of otakus now, who can be hilarious without leaving home. To be honest, the Internet has saved the life of otaku, the Internet has made otaku, and otaku has become the mainstay of the Internet.

Some people can’t be idle, and they have to go outside to find something exciting. Staying at home for a week or two will make them go crazy, but for otaku, this is really not a problem. As long as there is constant Internet access, mobile phones and computers, otaku Can be endlessly joyful.

Otaku are always despised by goddesses. What’s so great about you being a stinky otaku? In general, the Internet has changed men, and otaku has also affected society. Many goddesses were discovered by otakus. From another perspective, otakus are free scouts, as well as retail investors who have scientific exploration, come here because of their fame, quickly and in varying numbers.

I remember when I was young, I didn’t want to stay at home all day, my mother always criticized me for wandering around. Most of the married ladies in ancient times hoped for their husbands to go home early, but after I got married, my wife always advised me to go out for a walk.

Daughter-in-law always says, you stay at home every day, don’t be bored! Look at who is the gentleman like you, who is like a big girl who doesn’t go outside the door without stepping out!

I thought to myself, no matter how you behave, you will be criticized. To be a proud otaku, let her talk.

Objectively speaking, otaku not only maintains the stability of marriage in a sense, but also makes great contributions to marital happiness index, sustainable family development, reducing social resource waste, reducing divorce rate, promoting the development of Internet economy and so on! In fact, the world really owes the otaku a “thank you”.

Especially those goddesses, without our otaku, can they become popular overnight? Without our otaku as a green leaf, how can those goddesses bloom like flowers! otaku are the cutest, best at discovering surprises, and the best group of people in the world to share happiness , the world of otaku is very simple and pure, how many online games otaku has made, how many anchors he has followed, how many fashion trends he has led, and the development and growth of online merchants and stores, it’s a pity goddess, you don’t understand the happiness of otaku.

One of the otaku’s happy points is that a TV series or movie can be rewatched a hundred times. When I was in college, a roommate in the lower bunk of the dormitory especially liked to watch “Kangxi Dynasty”. He sees winter from spring to winter every year in the middle of the night and hears “I really want to live another five hundred years”…

Otaku is happy and the second is to play games. Needless to say, although I haven’t played games for many years, all the otaku I know have a game that he loves very much, two in-depth players, even when they are not playing games, they can talk to each other.” Play” a half-day game.

Otaku enjoys the third point of happiness: reading, writing, and drawing. Otaku do not only live their lives around the Internet. Some literary youths like to have a quiet and poetic life, drink a cup of tea, read and write; some are foodies, cook food every day, and one person gets drunk; some love to sing, some love to clean… Of course, every otaku has his own unique hobbies, both public fun and niche life.

Is Otaku Lonely? Sometimes after staying at home for a long time, it is inevitable to feel lonely, but after getting used to a kind of life, I slowly begin to enjoy it. Loneliness is a torment for people who like liveliness, but for someone like me, For senior otaku, it is a small blessing!

I like to stay at home, it has been more than ten years, I like to read various articles on the Internet, watch small videos, watch movies and TV, I like to be free and unrestrained alone, I love insomnia, I am an otaku, to be an otaku So happy!

Maybe some goddesses, or old people or friends who can’t stay at home, can’t find the happy resonance of otaku, but I want to say that everyone is on the way to find happiness, as long as you feel happy, how you live is your own decision, as long as You can find true happiness when you follow your heart.

Finally, a tip for the otaku, people still have to go out for a walk, bask in the sun, feel the four seasons, get to know the reality, exercise, and savor life. I wish you good health and all the best. The graphics card is not hot, the picture is not stuck, and the chicken is smooth.