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JunTame® Attended The Íntimi Expo 2022

The Íntimi Expo is the largest and most important Business Fair for the Intimate and Sensual Market in Latin America, HoneyPlayBox® attended this fantastic show and had face-to-face communication with our beloved clients.

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Most Popular Sex Toys on the Market

Sex Doll Torso

The experience is closer to the natural person, and the touch is real; it is not suitable for carrying around, and it is relatively more expensive.


Relatively cheap, more functions, easy to use; less realistic than sex dolls, lacks of visual stimulation
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Prostate Massager

Advanced players find their bodies' secrets and feel more mysterious and exciting enjoyment; specific relevant experience is required.
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We Do Things Differently

We believe pleasure is perfect and fun. Our belief is pleasure, play, health, and accessibility are necessary for positive experiences of sexuality. We keep our toys affordable and offer promo codes to let more people access sexual pleasure. Hope more people feel inspired to explore desires without shame.

Best Selling Product Of The Year

Professional Adult Products Industry InformatioI

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What is a sucker dildo?

Turn your sex life into a highly intimate and sensational thrill by using incredible masterpieces like the sucker dildo. The top picks to make the

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